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« on: May 20, 2016, 12:09:14 pm »
Hi, discover the first forum ruled by female players ! Our community is united by a same passion : videogames, and then despite various origins of our members ! Ranging from simple players & female players to **** gamers & gamer girls, including streamers and female streamers, even independent developer, each actor of gaming universe is here ! Besides, female streamers from the staff propose many streams, to have a good time around blockbusters or independent games !
Are you a female streamer ? In exclusivity we give you the opportunity, to broadcast your stream directly in front of our community. An excellent way to start, to progress and to enlarge your audience ! Moreover, we give you the opportunity, and then whatever your gender, to present your Youtube or Twitch channel on a special page fully visible by members ! These will be able to learn a little more about your passions, what exactly you're doing on your channel... They could also vote for their favorite channels which will be emphasized, then stand out ! Share your channel at !
A 3D Agario server, unique in the world whose game mechanics were hugely improved is playable freely ! Powerful “Bonuses” can be activated, just by pressing buttons from your keyboard ! There are timed game sessions and anyone can play, freely, even guests. You can create or join a clan, and have access to advanced features ! Find this only at !
Any game developer strive to ensure fun to players. However, it’s complicated to make known a game, especially if you are an indie developer or an amateur game programmer. That’s why we add the perfect functionnality which guaranted the success of your game ! Just upload it on "Indie Games" and our community will download it for free ! Are you ready to take the success road ? Upload your file at !

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Finally, Join this new adventure and share your knowledge at, The first forum led by gamer girls !

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